Cheers Hockey community,

Beer League Beauty is joining the Paramount Hockey family! What makes this broad the Beer League Beauty you ask. Well, the fact that I can answer this question with the two word chirp that every hockey player uses and wishes to be true, should say enough… Google me.

And if that doesn’t do the job heres a short bio;

I’m Nicole Court, better known as Beer League Beauty! Before being the ”Beer Leaguer” I am today, I played my minor hockey in Niagara Falls. I was recruited to play in the Provincial’s Women Hockey League (PWHL) for the Stoney Creek Sabres where I won a OWHA championship and Provincial Gold medal after an undefeated season. After being a suitcase for a few years in the PWHL, I was recruited by Elmira College to play NCAA in 2010. My short lived NCAA career ended in 2011 and the Beer League Beauty was born. After a few years of playing the odd pick up hockey game, I decided to become a full time ”beer leaguer”. It was love at first bench beer and the rest was history. In January 2016 I made a decision that would open a whole new world to me, one that involved drinking, playing hockey, and calling it a career.

Beer League Beauty started as an Instagram account I made for the sole purpose of messing around and having the memories to show it. Four short months later and a couple thousand followers, my ‘messing around’ turned into a growing brand within the hockey community. The best explanation I can give comes from a fan that wrote on the wall of my Facebook page : “So let me get this straight. You’re famous for drinking beer, being active, and being hot? Those are some amazing goals if I’ve ever heard em, keep it up! Haha“.

When I was younger I thought Living the dream would mean playing hockey and getting paid, but little did I know instead of wearing a Team Canada Jersey, I’d be holding beers and wearing a Beer League Beauty Jersey. Now, I’m literally Living the Dream that I never thought was possible and loving every minute of it.


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