Syntoniser les Canadiens

C’est enfin le début de la saison de nos glorieux! Après ces longs mois sans hockey, on doit se l’avouer, en tant qu’amateurs, nous...

Social Media: @HockeyProTraining – Life After Pro Career

The post hockey career can be a source of worry for most players. A major percentage have a college degree that can able them...

Social Media: @KaneVanGate – The Original Men’s League Legend

In the hockey world where players are known for their hard work, dedication, effort and focus, the idea of not taking life seriously can...

Social Media : Mike Rockwell – @SWEETGOALIEPADS

Now that Instagram has over 500 million users* it became one of the most efficient social media platforms for brands to show their products...

Social Media: Pavel Barber – @HEYBARBER

For many people, social media is the “next big thing”. Pavel Barber (@HEYBARBER) mastered the art of utilizing these platforms. With 282k followers (September...
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