Social Media is a very powerful tool for the awareness of a brand. The more legitimate followers you have, the better your notoriety will be. With more than 243k followers, Hockey Collective can count himself in the top hockey related accounts. Players from all over the world will benefit from this brand page. It focuses on the top trends in hockey, the best highlights and lifestyle photos.

Hockey Collective

Hockey Collective was started in the spring of 2012, under the name “Hockey Lifestyle”. During the summer of 2015, they decided it was time to move away from Hockey Lifestyle. Thus, rebranding themselves as Hockey Collective: ‘’We felt that the new name made us original, standing out from the many copy pages of “Hockey Lifestyle”. Many people ask, “Why Collective, what was the reason?”, well, we chose Hockey Collective because our page is a collection of everything in hockey, and the people who follow our page are obviously all big hockey fans. For the players, by the player’’.

Hockey Collective first started with the mission to give people daily relatable hockey vice to be enjoyed. Positivity is their main guideline. Therefore, only positive and enjoyable content is showcased. Furthermore, many of the submitted pictures from fans are will be published.

The future of the page

‘’I’m hoping Hockey Collective keeps growing as it is currently. At this rate, we’ll still be posting great hockey content for people all over the world to enjoy. We have some big plans for 2017 and the near future’’.

Patrick Scebba, the founder

‘’I was born in 1994, in Windsor, Ontario and have lived here my whole life. It’s not a big city, but it’s a hockey crazed city. From the hometown OHL Windsor Spitfires to the Detroit Red Wings right across the border.

I started skating at three years old and started playing when I was four. Never have I played competitively, but always loved the game.

My passion came from my father. He was born in Ottawa, Ontario at a time when the city didn’t have a team, growing up watching the Montreal Canadiens. Thus, sharing that passion with me as I was growing up. I was named after Patrick Roy, who played for the Habs when I came into this world. Hockey has always been a huge part of my life. When I was little, the best part of the week was our hockey game night on Saturday. It’s something that we bonded over, and it’s something I will never forget.

I’d have to say that my favorite player would be P.K. Subban. Obviously, it started when he played for the Canadiens, but even as he’s been traded to the Predators, he remains an inspiration. From his philanthropy to his play, he is a role model”.


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