With the release of the new CCM RibCor Trigger ASY Stick (October 7th,2016), it’s the perfect time to do an overall comparison of all three CCM 2016 sticks.

 Our team, at HockeySupremacy.com, will give you insights so you can pick the CCM Stick made for your type of player.

REVOLUTION ( https://hockeysupremacy.com/en/sticks/ccm-rbz-revolution-stick.html ) : It’s hard to believe that “this is not cheating” when you play with a RBZ Revolution stick! With a trampoline effect on the blade, shots get empowered to a next level. Puck goes wherever you want it to go with speed and precision. Perfect stick for any player who wants to step up his game. We recommend this stick for skilled players as the trampoline effect on the blade requires more soft hands to better receive hard passes and stick handling techniques.


SUPER TACKS (https://hockeysupremacy.com/en/sticks/ccm-super-tacks-stick.html) :  This is ultimate sniper stick for players who like to shoot from mid-range. This stick is engineered to maximize shot power and accuracy. With its mid kick point, it mostly optimizes powerful shots, such as slap shots and one-timers. Without being too light at 420.7g, it has the perfect balance to combine puck feeling and a powerful recoil for hard shots.

TRIGGER ASY (https://hockeysupremacy.com/en/sticks/ccm-ribcor-triggy-asy-stick.html ) : As the lightest stick ever made by CCM, Trigger offers a very sensitive touch that makes you feel the puck better than ever. You can now be in total control of your movement without even thinking about it. Its low kick point enhances quick release shots to better beat goaltenders from short range. It’s the perfect tool for playmakers who like to dangle.

Here’s a little summary from CCM:

 ccm3And here are the different curves available in each CCM model:


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