Infinity Goalie - Paramount HockeyWe greatly enjoyed testing Infinity Goalie’s goalie sticks. From our first chat with the owner, to their fast shipping and the performance of the stick on the ice, we can honestly say that our experience with Infinity Goalie was very rewarding. is a Kaleidosports brand which can be described as a sporting good company that runs several other hockey-related online stores including:, and You will find in this article the description of the product and comments from our team at Paramount Hockey.

We are more than happy with the overall performance. We received 2 sticks, one from each of their line; Stratosphere and the Exosphere. We were pleasantly surprised with the performance of the product which is locally made. We asked goalies from different calibers to test out the stock comparing it to their own and they were unable to tell them apart especially regarding the weight of the stick.


Both Exosphere and Stratosphere wood shafts are made of aspen and birch laminate. They can both survive hard hits on the post and “lucky” shots that hit the shaft. The sticks offer an amazing overall “puck feel” on every blocked shot. Wooden sticks absorb shocks differently than normal composite sticks, making it easier for rebound control. Also, Infinity Goalie offers the feature of customizing your stick! You can add your name on the shaft as we did with Paramount.

Flex and Paddle

The main difference in Infinity Goalie’s goalie stick line is mainly the feel of the paddle, both made of urethane foam core. The Stratosphere has carbon reinforcement on both sides whereas the Exosphere only has the carbon reinforcement on a single side to provide a better ‘’snap’’ on the shot. We felt the difference after shooting and passing a dozen of pucks. We would strongly suggest to any rising goalie an infinity goalie stick.

Infinity Goalie measurement: Click Here


We were looking for a more traditional goalie stick, therefore we enjoyed the Stratosphere for its
urethane foam core blade with carbon laminate wear bar. However, we didn’t see a big difference between the Stratosphere and the Exosphere which is also made with urethane foam core but is wrapped in an additional full layer of carbon laminate. We were told that we would feel the difference in our rebound control, but we were very happy with both sticks without noticing the small add of weight for the Exosphere. They are also offering different blade patterns.

Infinity Goalie blade pattern: Click Here


Logo Infinity Paramount Hockey

Design and Colors

The Stratosphere have over 7 base color options and the Exosphere have 2. We got the Tampa Bay White for the Strato and plain white for the Exo. In contrary to normal white base sticks, the color didn’t scratch off after the first shots on it. Infinity Goalie wanted to go with something bold with and different with their logo across the paddle. However, they have launched a custom graphics package for those interested in something other than the logo (view here) . We also got comments from Christina Appleby, a fashion designer based in Toronto to comment on the overall look of the stick comparing them to other companies.

List of stick’s colors: Click Here

ouvrir-guillemet”I appreciate the simplicity of the Infinity design. Symbols are often more iconic than words, and do not need re-branding as frequently, which gives this design longevity. The sleek concept is ideal in a game of speed and agility. Players want their equipment to reflect their abilities, and the Infinity logo gives the impression that you will never tire out. It is a classic look which will surely give your game some edge”

– Christina Appeby, Fashion Designer

Customization and Cost

Infinity Goalie offers many customization options for senior and junior sticks. With more than 27 color pre-set options with NHL team’s colors, you can also choose from many paddle length and curve options. We were very impressed that this small emergent company was not only offering 6-pack minimum customization but also 3-pack. The price is similar to any other foam core stick brand. The Exosphere start at 129.99$ CAD for a retail stick, 399.99$ CAD (133.33$ per stick) for 3-pack custom sticks and 729.99$ CAD (121.67$ per stick) for 6-pack custom sticks. The Stratosphere at 114.99$ CAD for one stick, 359.99$ CAD (119.99$ per stick) for custom 3-pack and 649.99$ CAD (108.33$ per stick) for custom 6-pack. If we compare to the custom version of comparable sticks, Infinity Goalie can be less expensive. For many sticks, the custom version is often more than the in-stock of the same stick since it’s being built in a smaller batch to the customer’s specifications. They are also working on digitally printed graphics for custom order.

Shipping + Customer Services sent us both sticks with Loomis Express. We received the sticks in 2 business days in a large box well protected. The sticks were in perfect condition, no scratches on the white paint and we were very happy about it. The company based in Kitchener, Ontario ship through UPS, Canada Post and Loomis Express and we were told that it would take only 1-2 business days to ship in Ontario and Quebec and will go up to 3-5 days if you are located in USA and Western Canada. The customer services at Infinity Goalie was A1, especially with the owner.


Video Review / Description

Contact information

You can order sticks directly from their website. They also have a live chat available which makes customizing and ordering MUCH easier and convenient.

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