Nowadays, social media is key for small businesses to establish an online presence and build a reputation that will compete with bigger brand names. However, despite the power of this tool, small businesses do not always succeed in showcasing their products. No Name Hockey is a custom sticks company based in Winnipeg, Canada owned by Jason Goulet. No Name Hockey has a variety of patterns, flexes and is constantly adapting their colors scheme. They also offer many different options regarding your personal number and name to be added on the stick. Furthermore, they began accepting customized team orders matching the desired colors and logos on the sticks.

Jason Goulet, a hockey passionate

Jason Goulet, owner of No Name Hockey and former professional hockey player for the past 5 years mostly played in the Central Hockey League (CHL), East Coast Hockey League (ECHL) and the American Hockey Leagues (AHL). Jason grew up in a hockey oriented family; his father whom also played pro is now a scout in the Western Hockey League (WHL-CHL).



‘’ I’ve always been interested in hockey equipment ever since I was a kid, how it’s made/features and always wanted to be pro rep after I was done playing’’.

– Jason Goulet, owner of No Name Hockey


Why NoNameHockey?

No Name can be portrayed as an unusual name for a newborn company. However, Goulet thought it to be the perfect fit.  His main goal is to cater to the “No Name”, the non-junior/pro hockey player market with high quality custom sticks that they purchase at a fair price.

These sticks are made especially for kids and teens that are trying to #MAKEANAME for themselves as well as for the beer league “No Name” who simply enjoy the thrill of the sport. In addition, most of the professional or junior hockey players are either paid or sponsored to use a certain stick. Therefore, No Name Hockey must deal with many obstacles in order to pierce the market.

When asked about the reasons and mission of the company, Jason was clear in his answer: ‘’This market of kids, teens, adults are the forgotten ones, that are now forced to pay $300 for a senior high-quality stick, which is not right, all because of sponsorships and companies paying players to use their gear.’’. 

I’m in, what’s next?
How to get your own customizable stick?  Visit NONAMEHOCKEY.COM to get started!
Don’t forget to type in what you would like to be written on your stick, exactly like the pros! You can expect to receive the finished product in 4 to 6 weeks after your order.

The future of No Name Hockey is clear for Goulet:

‘’I’d like No Name Hockey to be a successful hockey company, who makes quality sticks, cares for its customers and continue to develop the relationship with our customers’’.

For more information about No Name Hockey, make sure to follow them on Instagram, Facebook, and twitter!




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