Nothing’s Gonna Stop Me | Motivation

Four hockey passionates join forces to create this motivational video in order to push their viewers to go beyond their maximum limits.

The goalie sequences are original and exclusive content by Marco Marciano, pro goalie coach and Blocker Sleeve owner from Montréal. Marco is the goalie coach of Marc André Fleury. They have been a team since he was 18 years old.

The powerful message is exclusively written and dictated by Corey Lucas whom is a sport psychologist from Ontario and owner of Mentally Charged. Mentally Charged is an online training program specifically designed to build the mental toughness of hockey players.

This video is completely designed and made by Finnish graphic designer Antti Tuomisto. With a specialization in a large diversity of medias, Antti works for different professional team organisations in Europe, such as KHL teams and Finnish teams.

Our mission at Paramount Hockey is to bring the hockey community together in order to promote the exchange of knowledge and to create a framework of reference. We Are Paramount Hockey, THE hockey reference


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