It’s no secret that most hockey players dream ABOUT playing in the NHL one day. They all have different motivation such as playing in front of thousands of fans, getting free gear, the idea of playing for a living, the lifestyle, how you are treated, and much more. There is also the media aspect.  Seeing a photo of yourself in the newspapers, on the internet, your name on the back of a fan’s jersey, or even better, having videos of you doing what you do best, everywhere, from all the different angles. As a goalie, the NHL provides you the opportunity to see every save from the best angle possible: directly inside the net.

You will never see a net cam in a practice or in a warm up in the pros, because it will become a thousand dollar” target for the players to aim for. They use high end equipment to get the best shot possible for picture and video replay. What if you could have your own camera in your net while playing or practicing for self-review to help improve your play without having to worry about breaking it? PuckEye, a 100% Canadian owned and operated company based in Manitoba, offerS the best solution on the market with their polymer portable and flexible netcam protector. We received two of their netcam cases to test out with our GoPro. Here is our review/description for this product.

Camera Protector’s Material

We are really impressed with the Puckeye’s material quality. We were skeptical at first to put our 400$+ camera in a case we had never heard anything about before and have pro players shooting on it, but we gave it a try! They use only high grade materials with their dual-component case made of shock-resistant polymer. As you can see in the video, the camera is very little shaking from puck impact.


We fell in love with the size and shape of a Puckeye’s netcam. We all know goalies are seen as the ‘’weirdest’’ on the team. They are always the one setting up a camera behind their net, or somewhere in the stands to film the action. With the small case, it becomes almost unnoticed by the others. It can easiy be carried in a small bag. The Puckeye’s compact design ensures the camera remains a small target in the net, while providing enough protection from even the hardest of shots. One of the features that we really enjoyed was that the lens opening provides an unobstructed view on “wide” video settings, allowing both posts and most of the crossbar and goal line to be visible. It offered a great perspective of up close action from the goalie’s view. However, make sure to find the perfect spot to remove the camera from the case. If you push on the top of the screen in front of the camera, it will be easy to remove it.


The only inconvenience that we found with the shape was the space for the Go Pro case. We had a Go Pro Hero 3 with us, and it’s case didn’t fit in the Puck Eye. We spoke with the owner and apparently, it’s the first time it happened. We asked a friend for her Go Pro Hero 4 case, and it work perfectly and smoothly.

Camera Wedge

We brought the camera to one of our games against some NHL players. We wanted the footage to be stable and clean. If you bring this net cam protection in a once in a lifetime event, you can trust it 100%!  The Puckeye offers an aluminum wedge that ensures the camera stays in place and does not loose it’s positioning during the game or practice.


Gasket & Clamp

The cell foam gasket is very convenient to affix the case to the center post. We received 2 differents style. One with the dual clamps for rugged support and the other one the with dual quick release straps. Our favorite was the the quick release straps. With the dual clamps, we had some problemS fixing the lower one on the middle post. It takes a little more time to adjust the dual clamp protector than the quick release one. However, if you are using the quick release one, make sure you secure the velcro tight, if not, the camera may move on puck impact. It takes us a good minute or 2 to install the camera.



You can buy the Puckeye’s Net Cam protector for 150$ CAD (dual clamps) and 125$ (dual quick release straps). It is a reasonable price for its material and a bonus is that it is a product completely made in Canada. But for the result , and having a netcam during games and practice, it’s definitely worth the price!

ouvrir-guillemet“I know some of the guys at Paramount Hockey and they gave me the opportunity to try out the PuckEye cam protector for my coaching and also for me and my playing to get a different perspective. I love it! I didn’t really have to worry about my GoPro breaking and I got some great footage! I am definitely going to put some money out to get one or two of these for my company Action-Reaction Goaltending.”

– Adam Russo, Goalie Coach and Goalie for the Laval Predators in the LNAH (Played in QMJHL, Italy, CHL, France, IHL and World Cup for Team Italy)


  • Small and compact design
  • Easy to carry
  • Quality and secure protection material
  • 100% Canadian
  • Aluminum wedges to keep the camera stable
  • Easy to install
  • Incompatible on our Go Pro Hero 3 case but work perfectly with Go Pro Hero 4 case
  • Dual clamps or easy remove straps
  • Reasonable price


Contact information

You can order the camera protectors directly from their website.

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