Don’t Get ‘Shafted’! – Selecting your hockey stick is very dependent on the Shaft. First, the shaft of a hockey stick is given a number to help identify it’s rigidity (stiffness). The higher the number, the stiffer the shaft. Heavier players, can commonly generate more power and may need a stiffer shaft (higher number) that can handle the stress of their weight on the stick. Lighter players will need a more flexible shaft (lower number), that will respond to their weight and help them generate a more powerful shot. Personal preference also plays a large part in selecting the flex of your stick, so don’t feel hindered by typical ‘old school’ suggestions…i.e., ‘defensemen should use a stiffer shaft’ , and ‘forwards should use a less stiff.’

In my opinion, shaft flex should be based on a players’ personal technique. Each individual has their own points of pressure and directional motion in the release phase of their type of shot taken. For example, I create the most downward pressure when the puck is just in the frontal area of my body. Some players generate that downward pressure at the mid-point of their body (which is between the feet, when shoulder width apart), ect.

When choosing a stick, finding the best formula for you as an individual player, is a process that takes time, patience, and a willingness to experiment with different options. Tim Turk hockey specializes in helping with this process. Contact Tim Turk Hockey for more information on how you can be assessed and evaluated for the stick that’s right for you!


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