Hockey is an ongoing changing sport. However, one thing remains constant: it is not only about amazing goals and unbelievable saves, but also physical plays. There are many professional players that benefited from a successful career without scoring 30 goals per seasons and 25 assists. They occupied different roles such as team player, goon, 4th liners, goal scorers, defensive defense, and many more. Two thing coaches like to see in most of their players are finishing their check and playing hard. It’s not Crosby’s job to go in the corner. His job is to score. You will rarely see a player stop in front of an opponent in a crucial game. To honor this ideology of play, and to find the best hockey hits from all around the world, Ben Lapier decided to create the Instagram account @BESTHOCKEYHITS


As a huge fan of hockey hits, Ben started the account on Oct 15th, 2015 He decided to create @BESTHOCKEYHITS when he realized there was no other page that showcased this style of hockey. Ben envisioned his account as a way to instruct young hockey players on how to properly hit without getting injured. The future is simple in his head: grow his Instagram followers and help other hockey accounts grow on social media. Ben is posting daily video to his 75 600 followers (Nov.17.2016) and also own the account @NHL_GIRLFRIENDS with more than 41 000 followers.

Ben Lapier, the young player behind the account

Ben comes from a very small town just an hour south of Ottawa, Ontario. He started playing hockey/skating when he was only 3 years old and hasn’t stopped since. Ben has a precise objective: never stop skating until you physically can’t anymore! Regarding his family, Ben grew up with 2 brothers who have always pushed him to do better. His father who played in the Ontario Hockey League (OHL-CHL) is also a huge part of Ben’s philosophy of never giving up.


The young man from Morrisburg is now playing center and on the power play unit at the AAA level with the Upper Canada Cyclones. When asked about his idols, Ben’s response was very straightforward:

‘’My favorite hockey team is the Pittsburgh Penguins and my favorite player is Sidney Crosby because I love the way he can control the puck and setup plays while being abused by the other team’’.

Make sure to follow Ben and his Instagtam account @BestHockeyHits for great content.



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