The post hockey career can be a source of worry for most players. A major percentage have a college degree that can able them to pursue a different path prior to their hockey career. As we all know it is very difficult to reach the pro level. Thus, creating job as coaching in order to have a taste of their fallen dream. For Matt Korthuis who played professional hockey in Europe for more than 9 years, found his after-career by regrouping his passions in his hockey project named HockeyProTraining.


The main content of Matt’s account is sharing different skills and drills. Most of the videos will showcase himself teaching different skills. Others will emphasize other coaches contributing to the growth of hockey and kids around the world. His mission is to enable us to learn more about hockey. Furthermore, Matt recently branched out and started sharing more about his other passions: health and nutrition. Matt officially started his @HockeyProTraining Instagram account on February 2015. His goal was to take what he did on and off the ice to release it online in order to reach the world. Realizing the impact of Instagram on social media, it soon became his top platform for sharing his passion. With a trivial picture of an outdoor ice rink, his account was up and running!

‘’ The best way to predict future is to create it’’

Coach Matt’s account continues to grow. His motivation is simple: ‘’I want to teach, help and inspire the best way that I can, so that’s why ill continue to do and pursue’’ .

Why Pro Hockey Training ?

He originally chose the name in order to coincide with a website that he was creating. The site featured different coaches and trainers working in different fields of the game. His focus is aimed towards having the necessary requirement in order to become a “professional coach” and help teach others how to become a “professional hockey player”. That was his original idea and thought process behind the name.

Matt Korthuis

Matt Korthuis, from Saskatchewan to Australia

Born and raised in Saskatoon,SK, Matt grew up playing minor hockey to play Junior hockey in the Saskatchewan Junior Hockey League (SJHL) for the Estevan Bruin. He then played professionally in Europe for 9 seasons. His path brought him in the professional hockey leagues. Before his season with the Melbourne Ice from the Australian Ice Hockey League (AIHL), he played more than a decade in the Netherlands league for the HYS The Hague, the Amstel Tijgers, the Vadeko Flyers Heerenveen and the Max Tigerss Nijmegen. When we asked Matt what inspired him to pursue hockey, his response was typical for a Canadian boy: ”Growing up in Canada, it’s just what you did, my dad was a big hockey player and I assumed that he had a big influence on my career and my decision to pursue the game as hard as I did. It’s something you fall in love with at an early age. All your friends play, I’m a competitive guy and when it’s all around you and you love it, it’s not hard to pursue’’. Matt doesn’t have a favorite team. He is fan of the game as a whole and spends his time learning how to improve and how to transmit his knowledge to future generation.

If you are looking to learn more about what Matt does, and are interested in learning more about his online training program, make sure to check out his official web page at

Matt is also easy to reach through his social medias:


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