What do Koivu, Selanne, Rinne, Laine, Rask all have in common? They come from the same Hockey Country : Finland. A lot of young hockey players are inspired by their idols and aspire to reach the same accomplishment: play on a professional level. We discovered a young talent on Instagram by the name of HockeyWizard.


Daniel Almi, the owner of the Instagram account with over14k followers is originally from Finland. He started his account on December 28th ,2015 with the mission to share his tricks through videos on his free time. The main objective of Daniel is to grow his hockey training and trickshots account in order to showcase the best and most helpful content. When we asked Daniel Almi about the reason why he named his account ‘’HockeyWizard’’, he explained:
‘’ The name sounded easy and simple, and a name that everyone can easily remember.’’


About Daniel Almi

How long have you been playing hockey: 9 years

How did you started playing: ‘’My dad took me skating and play hockey, and since then, I’ve found a passion and got inspired’’

Where did you play: Ilves in Tampere, Finland

Last level you  played: At the AAA level

What position : Left Wing

Favorite player/team: Don’t have any.

Did you know… Daniel is a Better Hockey Ambassador

Make sure to check Daniel out on Instagram and Youtube




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