In the hockey world where players are known for their hard work, dedication, effort and focus, the idea of not taking life seriously can sound absurd. You can see a lot of success stories of players who had to sacrifice their life in order to make it. But for Kane Van Gate, who considers himself a “Franchise Goaltender”, the word “serious” is not found in his vocabulary or anywhere in his account @KaneVanGate38. Our first impression of Kane is an outgoing and carefree player that lives by the idea of do what you love to do.


We greatly enjoyed speaking with Kane about his character and the content of his accounts, such as Youtube, Instagram, Twitter and now Snapchat. His account highlights his most pleasurable moments in men’s league, that he named ‘’ beer league’’. With the main goal to inspire hockey players from across the globe, he started his Instagram account about a year and half ago, thinking it was the perfect platform. Kane has one goal in mind: being re-grammed by the NHL one day. Kane’s Instagram account is mostly about goalie gears, videos and funny things. To get to know who Kane Van Gate really is we suggest looking at his Youtube Account as well. Videos after videos, you will find interesting, interactional and crazy sequences of Kane’s path to his hockey passion. He has over 100k views in many videos about his BHL ‘’career’’, his coaching time with Washington Capital’s goalie coach Mitch Korn, skills videos with Pavel Barber that we highlight in a older post.

Kane Van Gate, without the @

For Kane, hockey is the greatest sport in the world, and his passion came from good time with his father: ‘’I’m pretty sure I was born to play hockey and that all things happen for a reason. Most people probably assume I had a father that played in the NHL or that I come from “hockey royalty” but that’s actually not the case. My father was a baseball player, so before I dominated the rinks, I tore up the field… but found it to be a little too slow for me. When I was really young, like 6 or so, my Dad won front row tickets to a Blues vs Blackhawks game in a raffle at one of my baseball games. We sat right behind the goal. I got to watch Curtis Joseph play 2 periods and Ed Belfour play in the 2nd period. I immediately knew what I wanted to do with my life and ever since, I’ve been a hockey player… a goalie’’. Kane had the chance to play rinks all over North America over the last few years. If you ask him who is his favourite players, he wouldn’t be able to choose! He can go from Curtis Joseph or Brett Hull, Felix Potvin, Martin Brodeur, Mario Lemieux, Wayne Gretzky, or even Garth Butcher and Patrick Roy just to name a few.

His hockey experience was not always an easy road. Kane always dreamed of being in the NHL. He was cut from almost every high-level teams that he tried out for, even from Junior B. Coaches were always saying that he didn’t have what it took to be a good goalie. As damaging as that was on his ego, Kane pursued his passion. He went to more than 39 tryouts/camps but never got offered a contract or a real try in the team. He never quit. He worked harder to be an important part of his team … in the BHL (Beer Hockey League). It’s been now more than 8 years that Kane has been part of the men’s league and he wouldn’t trade his ice time for anything… except of course some NHL playing time.

Youtube Channel

Being very active on social media, his Youtube account is a one stop shop for entertaining hockey video : ‘’I created my YouTube channel because I wanted the world to know who I am and how awesome and legendary my life is. I wanted people to know that they should never stop chasing their dream, even if every single coach, counselor or advisor tells them otherwise. If I would’ve quit when all those coaches told me I wasn’t good enough, I wouldn’t be where I am today… arguably the greatest beer league goalie of all time and the founding member of the prestigious and world-renowned BHLPA ‘’.

Sometime sarcastic, not taking himself very seriously, or even not always humble, there is still a great lesson to take from Kane Van Gate: Never give up and keep dreaming and… HAVE FUN.

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