For many people, social media is the “next big thing”. Pavel Barber (@HEYBARBER) mastered the art of utilizing these platforms. With 282k followers (September 6 2016), the social media guru uses his multiple accounts to celebrate hockey by showcasing some of the most skillful dangles, goals, and other highlights from all leagues and all ages across the world. Sounds familiar? Not surprise as he has appeared many times on TSN and was also a finalist for the Advil Highlight of the Month.


The account was created with one specific mission: Showcasing stickhandling wizardry. Pavel wanted to create a platform for people who love hockey as much as he does to celebrate the game. Pavel’s motivation with @Heybarber was to create an environment where people who want to get better and are driven to challenge themselves to develop better stickhandling. You will find amazing ‘’magic’’ tricks on his account.


Creative Shootout video by Pavel Barber
Creative Shootout video by Pavel Barber

It is not a big surprise that Pavel’s favorite players are Pavel Datsyuk and Patrick Kane. The hockey player from Riverdale, Ontario envisions his project to be a one stop shop for everything hockey. Why name the account HEYBARBER ? in his own words : ‘’Whenever anyone had anything to say to me, they’d start the sentence with ‘’Hey Barber’’, I always want people to feel comfortable starting up a conversation with me.” Like many young Canadians, Pavel was on the ice since he was 5 years old and his passion began by watching games with his dad: ‘’It was so unbelievably cool to watch, and so amazingly fun to play. Mini hockey, ball hockey, roller hockey, floorball, ice hockey… I loved all of it and wanted to play all the time.’’

Pavel Barber, the multi-talented wizard

Pavel is very implicated in the hockey word. In addition to all his social media accounts, he is a stickhandling specialist with the Gretzky Hockey School. He is also a Skills Developer for xHockeyProducts, a floorball+ Skills Generator, and an instructor at UBC Hockey Development as well. The now 2 times National Athlete and Go Pro Ambassador played his minor hockey in the Greater Toronto Hockey League (GTHL) as a right winger and center. His favorite team is the Anaheim Ducks. Maybe we might see him as a Paramount Hockey ambassador one day!

Need imagination for your next goal? Make sure to follow Pavel Barber on all his social media channel:



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