Today, I would like to present to you the sole foundation of ALL STEP runners : the STEP STEEL


Better Performance than the Originals

We built our reputation  for excellence on the STEP STEEL blade – which outperforms regular blades hands down. The STEP STEEL’s high-precision raised profile will significantly increase your confidence in your turns and strides. With this innovative design, introduced by STEP in 2005, you’ll dominate the ice and be able to make sharper turns, giving you an advantage in your game.step1

 Precision That Makes the Difference 

We search the world for the best steel alloys to make blades you can count on to put you on top of your game. From the very start of production, we constantly monitor our raw materials to make sure they meet our exacting standards.


 Here are the benefits of STEP STEEL : step2

  • Better glide

  • Tighter turns, harder stops

  • Increased confidence



 The Choice of the Pros

Major leagues players (NHL, AHL, KHL) love the boost that STEP blades give them. Consistent manufacturing ensures consistent performance when they change blades. Here are some players who have been using STEP STEEL for ages (to name a few…):

  • Sidney Crosby

  • Vladimir Tarasenko

  • Henrik Zetterberg

  • Pavel Datsyuk

  • Duncan Keith

 Next time, I will tell you more about our STEP V-STEEL line.

Find the blade that suits you best! 


Vincent Guillot

Director of Sales & Marketing


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