With the advancement of digital video and technology over the past several years there has no doubt been an increase in the use of video analysis as a coaching tool in many sports.

Video analysis allows athletes to take a critical look at their performance in order to improve skills and prevent injury. Recording a player’s performance allows you to catch small details & techniques that are often missed when watching a player live. With the help of a video camera and a professional to analyze the motions, athletes can get help to recognize mistakes, identify their strengths and often times offer the player an entirely new perspective on his/her performance.

Injury Prevention
Poor technique and body positioning often contribute to sports injuries. Analyzing movement through videos can help identify specific habits that contribute to pain and injury. With help, once the action is identified, the player can learn the correct technique in order to prevent additional pain or injury. After an injury has occurred, video analysis can also be used to track progress and recovery.

Individual – Review & Comparison
It is recommended that a player review the analyzed video often to prevent past negative habits and to maintain consistency of any actions corrected. Comparison video can also be used during video analysis. A study showed that a gymnasts who compared their video analysis to those of professional gymnasts doing the same skills, improved more quickly than they would have from regular practice and coaching alone.

Team Development
Coaches are too busy during games and don’t always have the time to focus on each players’ individual movement. Once a players’ video analysis is done, the players & coach can develop a strategy by addressing any weaknesses and taking advantage of any strengths that are observed to help with overall team development.

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