The Slap Shot is usually the hardest shot in hockey when it comes to generating puck speed. A good slap shot includes proper weight transfer from the back of the foot to the front foot, combined with downward pressure when following through. The stick blade typically strikes the ice first, 12 – 18 inches behind the puck, creating a flex in the shaft, then carrying both the power gained from the weight transfer and the flex of the stick. When the stick blade connects with the puck, energy is transferred into propelling it towards the target. Players usually wind-up by raising their sticks high behind them in the air before taking a slap shot. Good shooters can take a slap shot with minimal load which allows them to get their shot off much quicker, still allowing them to get power behind their slap shot.

Tim Turk’s slap shot motto is….LESS LOAD, MORE EXPLODE!


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