Benjamin Brousseau: Champion of the Chevrolet Cup in Mauricie

Benjamin Brousseau: Champion of the Chevrolet Cup in Mauricie

Benjamin Brousseau, an exceptional goaltender, led his team the Select Du Nord to victory in the provincial championships of the M13AAA category, the Chevrolet Cup in Mauricie due to a big performance in semi-final. His partner Jeff played the grand final. 

His unique journey began when he was a player, but he decided to change course and become a goaltender. His father then contacted our goaltending coach, Olivier, to ask him to take Benjamin under his wing with Paramount Hockey. Despite his inexperience, Benjamin quickly proved himself and joined the Atom AA team in his first season, demonstrating a natural talent for the position.

Thanks to his determination and hard work, Benjamin perfected his technique and game over the years. His parents, Martin and Mélissa, played an essential role in encouraging him to constantly surpass himself.

We know that as long as Benjamin continues to find pleasure on the ice, he will continue to reach new heights. His commitment and love for the game are valuable assets that promise him a bright future.

Congratulations to Benjamin for this well-deserved victory. We look forward to seeing the rest of his journey and are confident that he will accomplish great things in the world of hockey.

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