Gabriel Delage joins the staff of the Harfangs of Sherbrooke

Gabriel Delage joins the staff of the Harfangs of Sherbrooke

We are proud to announce that our coach Gabriel Delage has been selected as the goalie coach for the ''sports-étude'' program with the teams Harfangs of the LHEQ of Hockey Sherbrooke.

With nearly nine years of enriching experience with the Paramount Hockey team, Gabriel has distinguished himself with his unwavering passion for hockey and his dedication to the development of all our goalies.

In the inspiring words of our founder, Olivier: "Gabriel, around 12-13 years old, was one of the hardest-working young goalie I had the pleasure of working with. His unwavering commitment in the face of adversity was remarkable. I still remember our training sessions where I sometimes tried exercises that seemed nonsensical, but Gabriel never faltered. His determination and ability to overcome obstacles were impressive."

Furthermore, his outstanding academic commitment is reflected in his current pursuit of a Ph.D. in Sports Psychology at Sherbrooke, demonstrating his dedication to excellence in all aspects of the athletes.

We extend our congratulations to Gabriel on his new role and we are confident that he will continue to inspire and guide young goalie toward excellence on the ice.

Congratulations, Gabriel!

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