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Nathan Lacoste Committed to Lake Forest Academy in Chicago

Nathan Lacoste Committed to Lake Forest Academy in Chicago

It is with great pride that we announce Nathan Lacoste's commitment to the prestigious LAKE FOREST ACADEMY in Chicago. Nathan, who has been training with Paramount Hockey for several years, has worked tirelessly to reach this level of excellence, demonstrating remarkable determination and dedication.

Under the guidance of our coach Alex Atsaidis, Nathan has been training diligently on Monday nights, honing his technical and physical skills while developing exemplary mental resilience. The challenges have been many, but Nathan has never given up. His constant commitment and desire to always do more, both on and off the ice, have been truly outstanding.

Nathan has also regularly participated in our Perfo8 summer dev. camp and Vegas Experience camps, where he has consistently stood out for his maturity, professionalism, and unwavering drive to excel. His discipline and seriousness in everything he undertakes speak volumes about his exceptional character.

We want to commend the exemplary values that Nathan embodies, values that stem from the unwavering support of his family. His mother Julie and father Éric have always been there to encourage him, motivate him, and push him to achieve his goals.

In addition to his talents on the ice, Nathan also excels academically, a winning combination that has earned him this unique opportunity to continue his journey in Chicago. Last season, Nathan was part of the Diabolos M18D1 Relève team, a program where we had the privilege of contributing to his development as a goaltender.

We are extremely proud of Nathan and all he has accomplished so far. We are confident that his future at LAKE FOREST ACADEMY will be bright and full of success. Congratulations, Nathan, and continue to inspire us with your example!

For the Paramount Hockey community and everyone who has supported you, this is a moment of celebration. Bravo, Nathan!

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